Invest in low-cost climate smart, easy to use irrigation solutions to address everyday irrigation challenges of small holder Farmer's in Nigeria.


Where we are

Only about 1% of Nigerian crop land is irrigated. A trend that is unique to lots of Africa's agriculture, out of which more than half of this 1% is irrigated through old irrigation techniques with little or no efficiency, plagued by lots of water and nutrient  waste. 

Nigeria  has a proven huge water resources, but is nearly completely dependent on rain-fed farming.  This results to losses in over 6 months of  potential agricultural investment, an overstretched rain-fed farming and inflation on available  harvest. 

What We Do

At the Ecofarms and Agroservices Company we contribute to changing this narrative by providing easy to use, low-cost irrigation technologies to help small holder Farmers increase their productivity, achieve climate-smart resilience and overall food and economic security. We provide training, and access to solar-powered irrigation equipment's, and accessories.

Unique Service

Our solution continues to enable small holder Farmers fight climate extremes such as anomalies in rain patterns, draught, pest and disease stress in crops and importantly improvement in the quality and quantity of food they produce. This results to more food and money in homes across the year. We offer flexible payment options for consultation, training and farm service.

Our Specialties

image of Drip irrigation

Drip Irrigation

It can conserve water and nutrient use by dripping just the right amount of water slowly below the plant roots.


It Releases water similar to rainfall within a short distance with the help of a high-pressure pump.

image of center pivot irrigation

Center Pivot Irrigation

Irrigates the field by rotating around a pivot while watering the field using sprinklers. It covers more distance.

What People Are Saying...

Client Testimonial

We needed to revamp a slopey area within the hotel, give a face lift as well as use it as an event place. Ecofarms came handy as they delivered on the landscaping as well as easy to use irrigation system . We will engage them again and again on future projects.
Transcorp Hilton Hotel

Bring on the new bloom! You can get optimal yields from your field.

Find everything you need to know for improved crop yield, tips, and tricks to have your field produce more.

BioPow Organic Fungicide

BioPow Organic Fungicide

BioPow is a systemic organic fungicide used in the control of fungal diseases like  Damping off, seed rot, blight, Root rot, Crown rot, black spot etc in crops.  

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Irish Potatoes

Irish Potatoes

Buy 100% organically grown Irish potatoes harvested fresh from the farm and hygienically packed for delivery.

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Richyiel  Organic  Fertilizer (NPK)

Richyiel Organic Fertilizer (NPK)

Richyiel is an organic NPK Fertiliser with macro and micro-nutrients designed to meet plant nutrient requirements. Organic-based fertilizer sourced from native natural ingredients, is designed to slowly release nutrients to plants all through their lifecycle. Enriched with liming materials to stabilize soil pH, neem cake nourishes and protects plants from pests, insects, fungi, and nematodes.

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Fresh Tomatoes

Fresh Tomatoes

Our high quality tomatoes are harvested farm fresh.All farm produce are grown using our ISO certified organic farm inputs.

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Fresh Green Pepper

Fresh Green Pepper

Our high quality green pepper harvested farm fresh. All farm produce are grown using ISO certified organic farm inputs.

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