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The growing adaptation of Greenhouse farming as a way of protected farming that allows for an all-year-round production of high quality  food, have equally seen an increased  demand for management and services. 

Small holder greenhouse farmers and large-scale industrial farmers alike are beleaguered by many challenges leading to huge losses in investments, poor crop yields and performance, resulting in discouragement and sometimes discontinuation of such projects. 
These challenges are largely attributed to the relatively high cost of construction, inappropriate structures, lack of information and skill set required for management, poor agronomic practices  and products marketing. 
At Ecofarms And agroservices, we work with a network  of  our partners  to design, develop and deploy low-cost systems utilizing minimum capital input and optimizing technological and economic efficiency capable of adapting to local climates, particularly that of Tropical Sub-Saharan African regions to guarantee investors overcome all challenges. 
Green House Design and Setup 80%
Green House Maintenance 90%
Green House Retention 100%
Staff Training and Consultation 50%


Extended Home Garden

Gardening Help

We are excited to help you setup your garden. So you can enjoy some serenity.

Tree Plantation

Plantation setup with our Tissue Culture plantlets for a guaranteed high yields.


Simple or advanced technology to guarantee all year round production.

Garden Care

We are available for garden maintenance and care. To ensure it keeps thriving.

Peri-Urban Farm

Grow your food in your home in an urban style, and enhance your environment.

Garden Growth

Environmental friendly organic products for your garden to ensure high yields.


We love beautiful environments, and can enhance your environment with nature's beauty.


Growing assorted vegetables and fruits has become easier with our team.


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