Granary Solutions

Innovative Post-harvest management solution to drive food and economic security.

Granary Services


The Continent of Africa continues to witness an increasing explosion of locally produced  agro- products and commodities.  This is largely due to a growing interest in agriculture by indigenes, growing  ease of access to agricultural technologies, rising  local and international  demands and favorable economic outlook for such products. 
These growths have resulted to a vacuum of adequate and efficient storage facilities and infrastructures.  A crucial limitation to increasing Africa’s farmers capacity to maintain production, implement proper Post-harvest management, meet clients quality requirements; and overall complete a critical cycle of maintaining food security. 
Post-harvest loss mitigation is an important food, nutrient and economic security strategy. In developing  nations over 40% of food produced is at high risk of contamination, and eventual loss to food spoilage before it gets to the consumers. This happens with no recompense to the farmer who has heavily invested or the value chain actor. Poor storage infrastructures, is largely to blame for this.
In Nigeria, over 40 million metric tonnes of grains is produced by small holder farmers (SHFs) and medium scale farmers annually across rain-fed and irrigation-fed farms. Unfortunately only a limited percentage of these grains get proper and adequate Post-harvest management. The rest is faced with a huge challenge of potential loss,  contamination, and possible loss in quality.
Farmers go into food production yearly with very little or no provision for Post-harvest management.  Such farmers are forced to quickly sell at harvest  or take advantage of domestic or modular storage facilities. When you add vegetables and other food products to the grains, Nigerian farmers are estimated to loose over 30% of their annual harvest.
Furthermore, farmers are unable to compete in the international market, or locally exploit high demands and low supply  seasons when price’s  are significantly more favorable  to sustain the business of farming and personal earning power. 

The Ecofarms Granary solution provides services to address Post-harvest losses in smallholder farmers, cooperatives and commodity traders and this offers great Benefits.

Low Cost

Low-cost, all year access to storage space in key production areas. Affordable fee is charged per bag of grain for a 12 month calendar period.

Environmental friendly

Unlimited access to our environmental friendly modernised storage facility.

Flexibility of Payment

Half the fee value is paid upon admittance of grains, Upon completion of the storage period the balance is paid. Farmers are at liberty to pay the financial equivalent in stored grains.


Enjoy security on your investments.

Granary Admittance Procedure

  • Commodities to be warehoused are weighed and checked for quality control upon arrival to the designated warehouse.
  • Receipt with the details of the commodity and client is documented and issued.
  • Medium to large scale harvest can be packed into hermetic storage bags directly from the farm at harvest  before delivery to  the facility.
  • The Ecofarms and Agroservices Company then deploys all quality assurance and management measures during the warehousing period until the exit of the commodities.
  • Furthermore, the Ecofarms and Agroservices Company work with farmers to provide market linkage for stored commodities, access to credit lenders, and agro inputs.
  •   Our local field and crop advisers engage farmers in the field and in rural farm communities,  to aid in closing gaps that may exist in the knowledge of good agronomic practice (GAP),  aid harvest aggregation, and proper farmers data collection.
  • This we do to better serve farmers and consumers interest. Such services  could include  but not limited to:
  • Education via field experience  centres,  access to low-cost environmental friendly inputs, access to credits,  pre-and Post-harvest management and overall market linkage. 

Granary Services

Moving Forward

Currently; our operations are localised to Plateau state as a spring board, as we explore expansions into other key regions, particularly in the area of more granaries and cold storage infrastructures.
Nigerian farmers are poised  to continue  to witness a growing expansion in agricultural production. Infrastructural investments in the area of Agro-value chain, proximate processing, easy and timely access to agricultural finance, inputs,  and market linkage and overall better  food systems are challenges that will continue  to demand urgent attention.
The Ecofarms and Agroservices Company is excited to continue  to lead from a vantage point on such solutions.  Its our firm belief that addressing these key challenges is essential for achieving a self-sufficient  and sustainable food and economic secure Sub-saharan Africa (SSA).
Farmers will be able to better manage more yields,  work with key value addition actors,  to guarantee pre- and Post-harvest food qualities, acces market driven production systems, farmers data, transparency across the value chain, and an equitable distribution of value across all actors and system  in the county/continent. 


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