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The Ecofarms and agroservices company is an Agribusiness headquartered in Nigeria with an integrated portfolio that includes: farm inputs, farm services, food processing and production, agro-research and education; Our vision is to work with farmers to address rising challenges in the field to guarantee the sustainable production of sufficient high quality food for an ever growing population. 

We achieve this through introduction of conservation agricultural practices, turnkey Innovations and technologies to minimize environmental impacts, while increasing yields and importantly,  work with Farmers to address post harvest management and market linkage.
Our conservation agricultural practices emphasizes the need for a more sustainable approach to soil fertility and health management systems. Soils all over the world face a number of challenges, top on the list includes; poor farm practices, largely from
the excessive and abusive use of synthetic farm inputs, a practice that has greatly destroyed soil biodiversity and overall soil fertility and function. We have developed elaborate protocols and resources in the form of low-cost organic farm inputs to address these challenges. We believe by working with small holder farmers to provide timely access to premium low-cost environmental friendly inputs and the much needed experience in closing any gaps that may exist in applying good agronomic practices in pre and Post-harvest management will greatly improve  on  current food systems and strength overall food security in Africa. 
Post-harvest loss mitigation is an important food nutrient and economic security strategy in developing nations. At The Ecofarms and Agroservices Company we are heavily invested in agro-value chain, proximate processing of common staples, and market driven production strategies as a way to further improve on existing food systems.
We are excited to continue  to lead from a vantage point on such solutions.  Its our firm belief that addressing these key challenges is essential for achieving a self-sufficient  and sustainable food and economic secure Sub-saharan Africa (SSA).

Our Strategic Mission
& Values

Our vision is to work with farmers to address rising challenges in the field to guarantee sustainable production of sufficient high-quality food for an ever-growing population.

To undertake Agricultural Research, Products, and Services that enable the delivery of innovative technological solutions, value-addition, farming solutions, extension, and biosecurity services to small- and large-scale Farmer with the view of aiding them to achieve the sustainable production of sufficient high-quality food for Africa’s growing population. 



We are determined to protect our environment through responsible consumption and production of natural resources.

We understand that the soil is the cornerstone of a healthy ecosystem. Its reflective of the productive potential of an environment. To have a healthy and thriving agriculture that guarantees zero hunger  we must view it as a living system that must be invested in and sustained. We are committed to developing and implementing farm practices that is aimed on improving the soil health, human and environmental wellness. 

Grower Solutions

We offer broad services across pre and post-harvest management. Improving your yield per hectare.


We offer Irrigation services specific to the needs of your crops to ensure efficiency and water conservation.

Soil Nutrient Analysis

We offer Comprehensive Soil Nutrient Analysis. To enable farmers employ precision practices.

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