NPK Promox Liquid Organic Fertilizer (NPK 15:15:15 + )


NPK Promox organic fertilizer is an all-inclusive organic nutrient formulated in Nitrogen 15%: Phosphorus 15% and Potassium 15 % plus other essential nutrients.

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NPK Promox Liquid organic fertilizer is a gel-based NPK 15:15:15. The 3 essential nutrients are formulated in; Nitrogen 15%, Phosphorus 15%, and Potassium 15%. Nitrogen supports the green leaf’s growth, Phosphorus provides nutrients for a strong root system, and Potassium to keep plant growth healthy and balanced. NPK Promox is an all-inclusive natural plant nutrient, it also contains over 7 essential plant nutrient elements defined as micronutrients [boron(B), zinc(Zn), manganese(Mn), iron(Fe), copper(Cu), molybdenum (Mo), chlorine(Cl)]. It is made from biologically sourced raw materials.

Benefits of Liquid Organic NPK Fertilizer/ Special Features

  1. Ammonical substance provides 100% Nitrogen available to plants to ensure green leafy growth.
  2. Phosphorus makes for strong root formation in plants.
  3. Natural sweet molasses helps for the growth of plants and a balanced ecosystem.
  4. It is an organic fertilizer therefore it builds soil health and fertility.
  5. It encourages soil biodiversity.
  6. NPK Promox organic fertilizer is very effective for greenhouses and hydroponics because of its water -soluble form.

Active Ingredient Composition

Ammonical Substance: 15%, Chelated Phosphorus 15%, molasses: 15%, Gour gum 2%. Other essential micronutrients- 10%. Filler- 43%. Total 100%(w/v)

How to Use NPK Promox Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Use 50ml / 16L  of water spray on the plant canopy.

Foliar application: mix 5ml / 1 L of water spray on plant canopy

Drip Irrigation: Mix 1000mL of NPK Promox / 150 L of water. Make a solution that can be used in the drip stream to the required surface area.

Target Crops

Tomato, potato, cassava, cocoa, Rice Cereals, Pulses( Peas, Green Beans, etc), legumes, oil seeds, cotton, capsicum, chilies, cauliflower, onion, cowpea, beans, Ginger, tea, coffee and fruit crops: citrus, pineapple, apples, watermelon, banana, etc.

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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 11 in

250ml (A box of 24 pieces of 250ml), 1 L(A box of 12 pieces of 1L bottles)


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