All Nutre Seaweed Liquid Organic-based Fertilizer and Bio stimulant


All Nutre Liquid Organic-based fertilizer is sourced from hydrolyzed protein. All Nutre biostimulant is a natural foliar fertilizer enriched with seaweed for plants.

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All Nutre is a seaweed liquid organic-based fertilizer. All Nutre is a biostimulant derived from a protein source after the reaction process. It contains amino acids, trace elements, plant growth hormones, and biologically activated nutrients, that help plants against stress conditions and aid in the growth process.

Active Ingredients

Protein hydrolysate,  seaweed extract contains (Alginic Acid 5%)

Specifications standard mix

20ml in 20 Litres of water

(1 pint in 1,000 pints of water)

Per Acre

250ml in 250 litres of water

Per Hectare

500ml in 500 litres of water

Suitable for use in all kinds of cereals and grains, Vegetables, Legumes, Nuts, Herbs, fruits, flowers, cotton, sisal, Tobacco and others.

Direction/Frequency of Use

  1. Instantly usable by the leaves when sprayed on the leaves before 9 a.m.
  2. Spray on the leaves every 3 weeks, or 10 days for a higher yield
  3. But from 3 weeks before flowering until harvest, spray every 7 days.
  4. When too tall, pour 1-2 litres around the hole of the tree.


  1. Stimulates growth and formation of grain/fruit etc.
  2. Increases the quality and quantity of the crop yield
  3. When used with Bio-Plant it increases the fragrance of flowers and sweetness of the fruit.
  4. Supplements in the carbon dioxide fixing process
  5. Makes plants healthier and more resistant to diseases and pests.
  6. Improves Soil Structure
  7. Stimulates the respiratory and photosynthesis systems, so the plant can absorb the nutrients needed.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 11 in

250ml, 6000ml (A box containing 24 pieces of 250ml


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