Richyiel Organic Fertilizer (NPK)

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Richyiel is an organic NPK Fertiliser with macro and micro-nutrients designed to meet plant nutrient requirements.
Organic-based fertilizer sourced from native natural ingredients, is designed to slowly release nutrients to plants all through their lifecycle. Enriched with liming materials to stabilize soil pH, neem cake nourishes and protects plants from pests, insects, fungi, and nematodes.

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Richyiel Organic fertilizer granules are developed by innovation technology with biotechnology research. A unique bio fertilizer formula produced in scientifically controlled conditions in granular form to give optimum output. Richyiel organic granules make for a Convenient application of organic fertilizer rather than the direct application of organic animal manure or animal droppings that could contain seeds from animal feeds, bone meal, and other sources of organic matter.

Richyiel organic fertilizer is formulated with native natural ingredients sourced across Nigeria. It contains over 26 beneficial microorganisms available to replenish your soil health and soil biodiversity, Neem cake makes your soil resilient to plant diseases and pests. Liming materials to balance your soil pH to improve the absorption of plant nutrients. Richyiel is an NPK organic formulation enriched with trace elements to meet plant needs.

NPK+[Ca-Mg-S] Formulation

5:10:7   [10%]


Organo minerals enriched with natural resources such as Neem cake, castor cake, lime, organic extract, organic Nitrogen, Organic Phosphorus, Organic Potassium, Organic micro-nutrients, activated charcoal, Beneficial microbes, and other substrates.

Benefits of Richyiel Organic Fertilizer

  1.  It helps for better germination.
  2. Rapid root growth and Nutrient uptake, Immunity against soil-borne diseases to a certain extent.
  3. Better root establishment influences better seed, and better soil texture, and enhances nutrient availability.
  4. The use of organic fertilizer enhances soil structure and water infiltration.

 Organic Fertilizer Vs  Chemical Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are a more sustainable agricultural practice due to the slow release of nutrients throughout the lifespan of the plant as decomposition takes place. While with chemical fertilizers there is an immediate nutrient release to plants.Which could so many times lead to run-offs and nutrient loss to evaporation and erosion away from the soil to water sources.

Organic fertilizer due to its natural composition gives a natural for microorganisms and their multiplication, which in turn improves soil health and fertility. While soluble chemical fertilizers contain mineral salts that are easily absorbed by plant roots. However, these salts are not environmentally friendly to microorganisms and do not allow for them to thrive thereby depleting their number and equally destroying the soil health and fertility in the long term.

Direction for Use

For 100% organic farming protocol: 300kg/ha that is 6 bags of Richyiel Organic NPK fertilizer/ha

For Integrated Plant Nutrition System(IPNS): 200kg/ha (4 bags of Richyiel Organic NPK fertilizer/ha) blended with 1 bag(50kg) inorganic Urea 46%  and 1 bag( 50kg) inorganic NPK Totalling 300kg/ha.

Check the Richyiel User manual for more directions.

Target Use

Cereals, Legumes, Vegetables, Tubers, Gardens plants, Turfs, Herbs and spices, Tree crops etc.

Tips to Blend Organic Fertilizers for Optimum Yields

While organic fertilizers are slow-release fertilizers, their nutrients overall aid plants to thrive better and overcome diseases. Consider blending with micro and macro inorganic fertilizers minimally for optimum yields and immediate absorption by plants to meet plant requirements.

We encourage soil testing to be very aware of soil nutrient needs as such address them appropriately

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Additional information

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3 in

Green, Grey, white

2 reviews for Richyiel Organic Fertilizer (NPK)

  1. Benjamin

    Richyiel organic NPK Fertiliser is a unique Fertiliser composition designed to enrich the soil and enhance crop performance.
    My field experience using Richyiel as an Organic blend with Urea has been amazing. My crops are more healthy and yields have been robust.
    I highly recommend.

  2. Rowland Faven

    very awesome and highly productive cum eco friendly fertilizer. recommended with no regrets

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