Farmer next to irrigation system


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  • Post published:March 14, 2022
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The Status Quo

Currently, only about 1% of Nigerian Cropland is Irrigated. Out of which more than half of this 1% is done using old irrigation techniques with very little or no efficiency, plagued by lots of water waste and nutrient depletion. This means Agriculture in Nigeria is almost exclusively rain-fed. Nigeria has a proven huge water resource potential.

Improving The Status Quo

At Eco farms and Agro services Ltd, we believe the secret to breaking this long challenge is with developing simple, affordable, easy to use irrigation technologies targeted at smallholder family farmers who are the spine of agriculture who would embrace these small farmer-owned irrigation schemes to drive all-year-round cultivation and in turn drive more sustainable and affordable food security. This would greatly benefit both the crop and animal farm industry. We achieve this via a two-step process list below;

  1. Site survey
  2. Irrigational design and management